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Priority 1 Safety Testimonials

Everything is going fine onsite. We are happy with the service and things are going well. The only issue I had was I called for an inspection to be faxed to me the other day and it was $20! But I realize you guys have to do that. And it was my own fault. I found the inspection after I asked for it. But yes, we are happy with everything.
Your technician was really great. He was very good. Probably my favorite so far. It turned out to not even be a Priority 1 device that was beeping anyway, so I was kind of dumb for that. But he got me taken care of anyway and showed me what I needed to do.
Well, the guy took a little bit more time than I thought was really needed out there, but it sounds like you guys didn't charge me for the full amount, so I really appreciate that. Looks like everything has been working since they were out, too. So I'd say you guys got it fixed and we are hoping not to see you anytime soon--but we will definitely call if we need you. Thank you for the follow up.
Oh, well…the motion detector issue was our fault. We had streamers up. We didn't even think about that! But that was all our fault. So you got us taken care of. And we are working on another issue, and I think we are waiting on some parts to come in--so you guys are getting us taken care of!
Your technician was very, very nice. Very professional and very thorough. We figured out I probably just didn't shut the door all the way, and he was able to give me some advice on how to set the system so it beeps when a door opens, just in case. I'm very happy with the service, and we haven't had any issues since he came out and looked at it and talked with me..
Yes, you did get us taken care of. You guys are always awesome. We're really happy with your service. We had an issue earlier in the year or last year and had to call in an emergency. You guys were there within the hour. I thought, what great service! You always do a good job. Thank you.